As homeowners, keeping tile floors clean can seem like an endless cycle. While mopping the surface of tiles can keep them free from dirt, the grout can be a little more tricky to clean. Unfortunately, tile in high traffic areas like your kitchen and baths can quickly build up with unsightly grime that can leave lasting stains if not appropriately tended. Once the grout is stained, it can make your home look unclean and unkempt.

Cleaning Bathroom Tile And Grout

Bathrooms stay moist and damp, which creates the perfect environment for molds and mildew to grow in tiles and grout along walls, floors, and showers. Because tile grout is a porous material, mildews and mold can quickly take hold, leaving unsightly dark stains. If you have hard water, you could also be facing hard water deposits creating a milky residue on your bathroom tiles.

The best way to tackle cleaning the tile in your bathroom is to have the right cleaning products at hand. Many commercial cleaning products use harsh chemicals to cut through the scum and kill the mold and mildew. However, many people prefer to use greener, healthier cleaning methods that involve typical household ingredients.

Essential mixtures of baking soda and vinegar can work wonders on the daily upkeep of tile and grout. By keeping these mild solutions readily available in spray bottles and by using gentle brushes to clean in your bath, you can keep mildew and molds from building up in your grout and on your tiles.

Keeping Kitchen And High Traffic Tile Flooring Sparkling

Tile flooring is commonly used in kitchens and high traffic areas of the home due to its durability and beauty. Many homeowners love the minimal upkeep that tile typically requires as opposed to wood or carpet flooring. The downside to tile flooring is that traditional mopping only pushes dirt and grime into the grout instead of lifting it out.

Weekly mopping with mild cleaning solutions is essential to keeping your tile floor clean, but deep cleaning methods are required to keep grout free from stains. When dirt and spills are allowed to remain on the grout for too long, permanent staining can occur, leaving your flooring looking less than clean.

Consider mopping with a soft bristle brush once a week to lift grime safely from tile grout. Be careful not to scrub too hard as you could loosen the grout and cause tiles to become dislodged. To keep your tile flooring looking its best over time, have your flooring cleaned professionally annually. Professional tile cleaning services can provide safe, deep cleaning; your tile and grout need to look new indefinitely.