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Have you noticed some unsightly stains on your carpet that just won’t budge no matter how hard you scrub? Stains, pollutants, and spills are a part of life – but aging and grimy carpets certainly should not be. If the state of your carpet is wearing you down and you’re tired of seeing the same old constellation of stains, you’re likely overdue for a revitalizing deep carpet cleaning.

Hydroclean Carpet and Floor Care in Central West Tennessee is dedicated to delivering the best quality carpet cleaning services. We understand the importance of clean carpets in both residential and commercial spaces, which is why we make sure to offer superior cleaning and customer service. Call us today to schedule your carpet cleaning appointment. 

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Expert Technicians Dedicated to Customer Satisfaction

Our highly-trained technicians are experts in all aspects of carpet cleaning and are committed to providing excellent customer service. From our powerful steam cleaning machines to our advanced stain treatment products, we guarantee a thorough and effective cleaning of your carpets.

When Do You Need Professional Carpet Cleaning?


Stubborn Stains

No matter how hard you try, some stains just won’t come out on your own. Whether it’s caused by red wine, pet urine, or dark-colored food and drinks, our team has the tools and expertise to get rid of even the toughest stains.

Allergy Relief

Allergens and dust mites love to hide in our carpets, and routine vacuuming isn’t always enough to get rid of them. Our deep cleaning techniques can remove these irritants, providing you and your family members with a healthier, cleaner living environment.

High-Traffic Areas

Carpets in high-traffic areas, such as entryways, living rooms, and hallways, can quickly become dull, dingy, and even matted down. Our professional cleaning services can remove dirt and grime from carpet fibers, leaving your carpets looking fresh and new again.

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Protective Measures

Our professional cleaning services can also apply protective measures to your carpets after cleaning, including stain-resistant treatments, deodorizers, and mothproofing treatments.

Our Carpet Cleaning Process

Our carpet cleaning process is safe and effective. We are known in Jackson to be a cleaning company that takes extra measures to be cautious, methodical, and meticulous. Most significantly, we only use environmentally friendly cleaners.

Assessment and Walkthrough

We will survey your carpets and assess the extent of the stains. We take advantage of this time to acquire a solid comprehension of your particular desires and concerns. We will also home in on any particularly troublesome stains and determine a plan of action for eliminating them.


We use a commercial-grade HEPA Vacuum to remove all dirt and allergens from the carpet before we begin the treatment process.

Furniture Removal

If required, our carpet cleaning technicians will carefully move any furniture so that we can be sure to clean the entire carpet, including areas that are generally blocked by furniture or other items.

Pretreatment and Agitation

We pretreat the entire area with a safe solution that is environmentally friendly, kid-friendly, and gentle on your carpets. The solution breaks the bond that adheres the grime and soil to the carpet fibers. After we pretreat the carpet with this solution, the dirt is suspended above the fibers and we can then easily extract it.


During this stage of cleaning the suspended dirt is flushed from the carpet and taken out to our truck. Part of the extraction process includes balancing the pH of the carpet, to ensure that there is no leftover residue that attracts grime.


If spots remain after the extraction process, our Jackson carpet cleaning specialists will utilize special spot and stain removers to remove your toughest spots or stains. We will do our best to eliminate as many stains as possible.

Post-Treatment Inspection

During this final stage of cleaning, we will survey your carpet to ensure that we cleaned it thoroughly. We will also provide you with some carpet care tips so that you can comprehensively care for your carpet going forward.

Keep Your Carpet In Perfect Condition With Our Carpet Protectant

It is important to protect your carpet from future stains and damage. Applying carpet protectant reapplies the factory protectant that the carpet was originally milled with. This makes cleaning easier because it is more difficult for contaminants to latch onto the carpet fibers. It also changes the surface tension so that there is a time lag from when something spills on your carpet to when it settles in, affording you protection from stains.

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Urine and Pet Stains Treatment

We locate all urine and pet stains by using a UV light that pinpoints the precise location of the stain.

For light stains and odors, we use a topical cleanser containing hydrogen peroxide that breaks down the stain and odor particles.

For heavy stains and odors, we recommend sub-surface treatment. We treat the front and back of the carpet with a solution containing oxygen and enzymes and allow it to sit for a while. We then utilize a water claw to extract the solution from the carpet.

Note: We can remove most spots and stains for our customers, however, some stains are permanent and are unable to be fully eradicated.

Carpet Stretching And Repair

If you have carpet that has sustained damage, either from pets, tears, or permanent stains, we can repair the affected area by doing a bonded insert. When we do a bonded insert, we excise the damaged area of your carpet and replace it with a fresh section of carpet to make the room appear uniform. With bonded inserts, you have the option to make unsightly permanent stains completely disappear.

Carpet stretching is another service we offer that is useful when your carpet needs a tune-up. Over time carpets can develop buckles – areas where the fabric is loose and wrinkled. To fix that, we stretch the carpet,  giving it a sleeker appearance.


Eco-Friendly Cleaning Practices for

A Safer Environment

We believe in taking care of both our customers and the environment, which is why we only use eco-friendly cleaning products that are safe for your family and pets, as well as the environment.

No matter the situation, when it comes to professional carpet cleaning, Hydroclean Carpet and Floor Care in Central West Tennessee is the expert team you can count on. From stubborn stains to high-traffic areas and allergen relief, we have the tools and expertise to leave your carpets looking and feeling like new. Call us today and let us help take your carpets to the next level.

What Our Clients in Jackson Say About Us

“…this company is the kind of company you are looking for. I have used this company two times in the last year. I honestly cannot say enough positive things about my experience with them. The ONLY thing that impressed me more than the quality of the work they provided is the unmatched customer service, professionalism and value they have built into everything they do.”
William Thompson

A+ service from David and the HydroClean team! David was prompt, courteous, and professional in all correspondence. David runs a service business the way it should be done. They showed up on the day and time as scheduled, completed the work for the price quoted, and maintained correspondence with me throughout. That is all you can ask for and more! If you are in the area and not using HydroClean for your floor cleaning then you are simply missing out.

Jacob Allen

Excellent company IICRC certified professionals trained to clean from a health perspective. I know David very well I am a industry trainer and consultant. David embraces education. He has taken many of my classes over the years. Proud of you young man. Education is a lifelong journey. Great job! Keep helping others.

Doug Heiferman

Excellent service and the carpets looked so much better! The before and after was amazing! The owner and the person who came to clean the carpet were very professional and so nice. Thanks for a great job!!

Melissa Walls

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