Hardwood continues to be one of the most popular residential flooring materials due to its durability, longevity, and timeless beauty. Hardwood flooring is the perfect backdrop for any interior design and style; from modern homes to seaside cottages, you can find it almost anywhere. However, hardwood floors are not inexpensive, making their care and cleaning vital to protecting your investment.

While considered a low-maintenance material, hardwood does require diligent cleaning to remain in top condition throughout its years of use. Daily sweeping, weekly mopping, and deep cleaning twice a year is recommended if you want your hardwood floors to last for years to come. As hardwood is a natural material, you should keep these tips in mind when caring for your home’s flooring.

Daily Sweeping Or Dusting

While daily sweeping or dusting may seem excessive, it helps to prevent scratches in your hardwood flooring caused by large pieces of debris. With a broom with gentle bristles or a microfiber dust mop, you can keep dust, dirt, and food crumbs from building up on your floors.

Microfiber dust mops create a static electricity charge that attracts and traps dust, dirt particles, and allergens to its material. Brooms tend to sweep dirt and larger particles away while spreading allergens and dust into the air only to land back on the floor again.

Weekly Mopping Of Hardwood Floors

Mopping your hardwood flooring is essential to maintaining its cleanliness and shine. However, when it comes to mopping wood, remember that water and wood are not always compatible. The best cleaning product for your wood flooring is a soap-free oil-based detergent specifically designed for hardwood.

Proper oil-based cleaners work best for older wood flooring will need a bit more care to ensure the finish is not disrupted. If your flooring is new, you may be able to mop with warm mixed with dish soap or a water-based wood flooring cleaner, depending on your floor’s finish.

Deep Cleaning Hardwood Flooring

To maintain the look and durability of your hardwood flooring over time, you should have it deep cleaned twice a year or annually. How often you choose to deep clean your flooring depends on your lifestyle. If your home is bustling with pets and you and people lead an active lifestyle, then deep cleaning your hardwood flooring twice a year is recommended. However, the less traffic your flooring gets, the longer you can wait between periods of deep cleaning.

Deep cleaning hardwood flooring should be performed by a professional flooring cleaning company specializing in cleaning hardwood materials. These companies will use specific tools and cleaners to ensure the safety and shine of your flooring remains intact.