Even pets who are well trained can have an accident from time to time. While having to deal with pet messes can be frustrating, it is possible to remove pet stains and odors by using a professional carpet cleaning company. In fact, many of the top carpet cleaning companies are now offering professional pet stain removal services for anyone who needs them.

Investing in a full, deep clean service by professional carpet cleaners will remove any leftover odors or stains that could impact your home’s comfort or cleanliness. Some of the top benefits offered by hiring this professional service can be found here.

All-Natural Cleaning Solutions

If you are like many homeowners, you may be hesitant to use chemical cleaners in your home. One of the best things about most carpet cleaning services is that they will use eco-friendly, hypoallergenic, and non-toxic solutions. These are completely safe for your pets and family and extremely effective. These natural cleaning solutions will also effectively remove pet stains and odors in just minutes, and you don’t have to worry about any dangerous ingredients that may affect your family or pets.

Pad and Deep Carpet Cleaning

Did you know that pets can carry an array of harmful bacteria and germs in their feces and urine? These can impact the top layer of the carpet and seep deep into the fibers below, including the carpet padding. It requires commercial-grade stain removal equipment and professional cleaning solutions to reach these parts of the carpet and fully remove the contaminants there. Professional services will also use UV light to find any areas where pet accidents occur on your home’s upholstery, rugs, and carpets. At this point, the carpet cleaner will use equipment and products to give the surfaces the deep clean they need. The padding will also be fully cleaned to remove all leftover stains and odors from pets.

Urine Protein and Bacteria Breakdown

Pet urine is made up of water, urea, potassium, creatinine, uric acid, and sodium. The urine may also contain bacteria that can cause illnesses in people. Professional carpet cleaners will use special enzymes are needed to eliminate and break down these bacteria and the urine proteins that may be clinging to your upholstery and carpeting.

Even though enzyme cleaners can be purchased in stores, the cleaners may not be strong enough to remove the tougher odors and stains from pets fully. By hiring a professional service to remove pet stains, you can feel confident that everything is removed and that the carpet is stain and odor-free.

Handling Pet Stains and Odors

Accidents happen. This is just a fact of life with pets. While this is true, professional services can help you restore your carpeting’s cleanliness and feel confident that no harmful substances have been left behind. Be sure to find a service provider that offers these services to see all the benefits mentioned here. You will be thankful for your clean, stain, and odor-free surfaces.